Plant Powered Tuesdays

Monday or Sunday its  meatless at our home.  Indian menus typically consists of plant based protein other than tofu. Many of my friends think Indian cooking is very yum but can take time. Los Angeles being a home to many immigrants is packed with various ethnic stores.  I get fresh sprouted legumes from east Asian…

The Calmness Diet

The word “stress” has received more prominence than wellness because most of us feel very pressurized by our lifestyle and situations and have not learnt to make peace with ourselves. Although positive thinking is recommended, we talk more about “stress” than what is better in our lives. “Stress” has taken place of any pain coming…

Watermelon wisdom

What happens when your colleague who is also your friend receives an edible bouquet at work place from a guy who met her once and asking for a date again? She will love his generosity, accept the date and also share the bouquet with her colleagues! That is what exactly happened just a week back….

Pineapple Rava Kesari

When I cooked this  yesterday, I used more rava and less oil. It wasn’t any close to my liking. So I modified the recipe by adding a bit more fat and less rava. Hopefully it’s more to everyone’s liking now! Portions: 5,   serving size: 1/2c Ingredients:            1 ¾ c Fresh cubed pineapple chunks 1/2c Rava…

Sweet Heart?

After a long walk at Golden gate in San Francisco, my nephew wanted to eat a sandwich at a particular cafe. While family was ordering food for kids, I couldn’t resist looking admiringly at lemon meringue, strawberry toss, cream puff, apricot tart and so many cakes. (  I clicked the above picture in the cafe)….