Wordsworth said, “To Begin, Begin.”

In this writing space I will be pouring in all the “gyan”  which I live through in form of recipes, healthy thoughts, sprinkles of life , cure diets and everyday eating for mind, body and soul. By profession I am a dietitian since 11 years out of which served 6 years in renal arena. With every joyous eat, my mind often turns to see if people whom I serve can eat them or not. My base degree is in food and Nutrition but my past professions included apparel merchandising , the fitness industry, teaching, and have had quite an adventure so far. Without loads of adventure, I wouldn’t have done masters and become a  dietitian in the US.

Life has never been dull for me. I moved places almost every year like a nomad and I am still an itinerant with my family.  Conscious living is what I strive for now, for years fly by very fast while moving and meeting new people. I am a mother of two daughters, a freehand artist and writer, a traveling enthusiast, and life is uncertain and ever changing!

I try to make conscious effort to be spiritual and have been trying to meditate since the last 4-5 years to improve  myself. One thing is surely clear for me even with all the uncertainties- I know I am here to live happy.
Hope you will find some inspiration , some use in these pages. 🙂