Grape treats

Grape treats were served as starters for dinner at a place I go for mediation. Here food is always  vegetarian. Fruits are rich in antioxidants , natural sugars, phytochemicals and prana- (life force) in it. Yogis eat fresh fruits to avoid fatigue and obtain prana. In meditation, we manage life force.  Always choose fresh fruits for obtaining most benefit. Even if you do not meditate, you can chose this to make a healthy dessert.  Here is a nutritious and no bake recipe I made:


 Grape Treats


1/4cup oats,

1/4cup ground dates or dried cranberries

1/4C almond powder,

2 Tbsp almond milk,

2Tbsp peanut butter,

1Tbsp desiccated coconut- Optional

Mix all the ingredients and roll out into small balls.  Set it on a flat plate and let it dry a little. Pin it on small picks with grapes for grape treats.  You may fry oats on dry heat if you want. This will yield 14 small balls.


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