Why Brown Rice?

That was the question my younger daughter asked me which startled me. Her Chinese and Japanese friends bring brown rice for their lunch in the school. I would say the environment  and the people we live with have a lot of influence in bringing  in thoughts and framing our habits.

Everyone consumed brown for its low cost and health benefits until milling and polishing was not costing more.

What is in brown rice?

  • It is a whole grain with bran and germ which makes it fiber rich.
  • It has more protein than white rice and has B vitamins and minerals.
  • More phytochemicals which have protective health benefits.

Health Benefits:

Anti-inflammatory properties

Helpful in managing heart health, cutting the risk of diabetes.

Helps in weight management

Improves colon health and reduce the risk of some cancers.

1/2 cup of brown rice has 2 grams of fiber and can keep you full for a long time.  Fiber can also help decrease cholesterol and improve heart health. The kind of starch in brown rice is not digested in small intestines and hence controls blood sugars. Many studies have confirmed that consuming less white rice can cut the risk of diabetes. The starch in brown rice can form food for the beneficial bacteria in the gut region. So brown rice can help thrive good bacteria.  This good bacteria eats away the compounds which can cause cancer. Hence colon health is improved.

Above in the picture is Dahi aloo (Potatoes and peas cooked in yogurt), brown rice and home made broccoli soup which I made for a dinner. If you are diabetic and counting carbohydrates then replace potatoes with green bell peppers. You bet I was delighted by the curiosity of my daughter to learn.

For dialysis patients:  1/2 cup of white rice has 41 mg of phosphorus and 31 mg of potassium and almost double the amount of phosphorus in brown rice and 41 mg of potassium. Even though phosphorus is high in brown rice, it is absorbed slowly and less than 50% into the blood stream. Recent studies have confirmed this fact. By working closely with a renal dietitian people on dialysis should be able to eat this whole grain like any other person. Not only this will open up the new food options but can help manage many health concerns. Here are more recipes you can explore to include healthy foods:

1. Brown rice pudding

2. Brown rice khichadi

3. Brown lemon rice

4. Cilantro and paneer sauté rice

5. Brown rice idli

6. Stir fry cauliflower rice

We made recently modak with brown rice and moong dal. Will share recipes soon.Don’t wait. Choose to introduce healthy eats any day. That is a great day!








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