8 Things to do to beat your food cravings

Urge to eat can be strong  whether its chocolates , ice-creams  or munching chips and bhujia non-stop  when mind is screaming “Now”! We all have gone through this. If you are going through this rigor and want to help yourself,here are few things you can do:

  • First ask a question:  Is it necessary to eat and what am I hungry for? Often we are trying to escape something by substituting it with eating. Wait a few minutes pondering on the question when ever craving sets in. Even if you do not succeed initially because of your habit, repeatedly waiting and asking this question before eating will make you aware of your issue and you will get your answer. This will help you understand if it is hunger or emotional eating.
  • Evaluate how you are feeling:  Check  if you are stressed, anxious, lonely, bored, angry, or little too happy to enjoy food when ever you feel like eating when you are not hungry . If you ate your meal 2 hours back, you are possibly not hungry.
  • Trade your craving: If you ate your meal or snack 4 hours back, it could be possibly hunger, then settle for a good balanced meal. If you are not hungry but craving a high calorie food, swap it with low calorie alternative.  If you are craving chocolate, then chop a sweet fruit into small pieces and enjoy every bite.
  • Keep the deprivation away: I really like dark chocolates and cannot restrain myself whether they are small or bars. Best thing which works for me is to not keep chocolates at home. However, I buy and eat a little bit. Focus on overall eating healthy.
  • Find a diversion:  Sipping hot green tea with lemon or a chewing gum can make you feel full. Your need for eating can decrease.
  • Think fresh: Go for a walk to divert your craving. Walking can make you feel very fresh and energized. Your mood can change and you can feel less stressed. Try changing thoughts by gazing in the sky.
  • Breath Deeply: Close your eyes and breath deeply and hold your breath for a count of 3 and let go of the breath consciously. Conscious breathing will slow down the rapidness. This will help decrease thoughts and calm you down.
  • Check if you are eating and sleeping well: Often we have cravings when we are not eating well balanced diet. Make sure you are eating enough protein, fiber rich foods and not skipping required fat in the meals. Feeling full can curb unwanted eating.  A good sleep means restful brain and rested brain can take right decisions.

Cravings cannot persist for too long with all the healthy habits. Good nutritious diet and sound sleep can help you take right decisions and save you from regrets.  Do all what you can when you can and be a winner!


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