Dietitian style of grocery shopping

What you stock in your pantry at home, you will eat it whether it is healthy or unhealthy. What matters most is the way you eat everyday rather than how you choose to eat once in a while. To keep yourself on track with any diet plan, grocery shopping is the important part of eating. To do good grocery shopping, learn about your best grocery shops and shop the fresh food from there. Things to do:

1. Plan a list of foods to buy. See what you really need at home. Getting tempted near the  aisles is the main culprit. List will keep a check on your temptation from the marketing techniques, will save you pulling out of the budget, and won’t stretch you towards unhealthy choices.

2. Fill more than half of the cart with fresh fruits and veggies. Fresh anti-oxidant rich foods which has “prana” which means “life force” are beneficial in combating free radicals in the body. Every health condition demands different portion size consumption per day. Skip the juice. You can make smoothies with fruits which has fiber. Buy some frozen produce along with fresh. It will decrease wastage, if you cannot use all soon.

3. Look for Nutrition facts label at the back. Extract the benefit even from the boxed food. Watch for added sugars and fiber in the label. Any bread you choose should have at least 2-3 gm of fiber in each slice. Ready to eat cereals should have less than 8 gm sugar in each serving and 3-4gm fiber is desirable. Choose plain yogurt, Yogurt with less than 15 gm sugar is desirable.

4. Unit price matters, not the box size. Foods come in different size boxes and may have less food and more price.

5. Buy seasonal foods. You can buy fresh and more amount of produce for less price.

6. Skip the bakery and sweet aisle. You don’t have to go to each aisle. At the max, window shop but don’t buy. My recommendation is to learn where these aisles are and totally skip them if you have a sweet tooth and are trying to avoid these foods.

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