Be an explorer!

The food in the picture was my saturday brunch last month in a restaurant over looking the gorgeous Pacific Ocean! Being a vegetarian, finding too many great options is not that easy but believing that we can find something  interesting is the begining of exploration.I have never been dissapointed and at times I end up eating sumptious meals which I would not have imagined. Adventurous explorations whether regarding food or place become beautiful memories to talk with your friends. No compromise being vegetarian though.

Exploration Motto: Try new foods, new place to eat, totally new cuisine, and all new people around. If you do that often then try cooking at home. Delete all the preconceived likes and dislikes about any food. Like  water flows smoothly and changes its place in the river, try flowing with the circumstances, place, food, people and cuisine.  Keep yourself open and inviting! When we open up to the world with a free mind, our body expands and experience  joy!

More studies are proving that our genes modify through our thoughts. Rigidity in mind can cause energy blocks in the body. Blocked energy is the cause of hurt in the mind and body. 

Always remember we are here to explore and enjoy everything! Say to your mind, let me try one more time with an open mind, my mind and body needs joy! 

I tried a vegan farmers wrap with tomato, asparagus,rosemary potato and avacado with sun dried tomato aioli. Walking with my family  and enjoying the Sun with cool breeze from the ocean can become distant dream with my cleaning schedule for saturday mornings. But then joy comes when we let it happen! Open your explorer instinct. It is there in all of us.Eat any where and walk your dream.I had an absolutely gorgeous week! How about you? Sometimes we are forced to explore;  sometimes its a choice. If we make it a choice it is more joyous!




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