Watermelon wisdom

What happens when your colleague who is also your friend receives an edible bouquet at work place from a guy who met her once and asking for a date again? She will love his generosity, accept the date and also share the bouquet with her colleagues! That is what exactly happened just a week back. And if she is a great friend, she will also take out the remaining fruit from the sticks to give the sticks to her friend( me).

Life is interesting if we make it!

So here is the Red watermelon bouquet made under 7 minutes. I made this to serve long time after the dinner. You can cut pineapple flowers with cookie cutter and pin strawberries as well! I used a transparent vase to show how to pin it. You can buy sticks.

Play a small game and serve this . Keep only the desired portions in bouquet. When we are engaged, we would not get up to take extra servings. What I noted is that presenting like this will restrict the quantity consumed and feeling of eating together makes it a happy time! One thing I can assure, family will laugh a lot! Even if it is on you they are laughing for making this, laughter counts. That’s health!

Wisdom for dialysis:  

1Cup= 240ml

1 Cup of watermelon cubes = 1/2 cup of water

1 Slice watermelon ( note thickness) = 1/2 Cup water.


3 Sticks of watermelon rounds ( 1 cup rounds) = 1/2 cup water

Tracking fluids on dialysis is beneficial in avoiding excess fluid in the body between the treatments and decreasing hospitalizations due to shortness of breath.




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