Facebook Detox diet

Yeah Facebook! Aren’t we eating, drinking, sleeping fb?

While opening an account when one of  my work place asked me to write for their fb account 3 years back, I never  thought I would ever write this today but like everything which is done regularly needs detox, so the Facebook detox.

Freshness in relationships, smile on the faces, treasured moments, work, family, color of life , friendships, emotions, now are all locked in Facebook. The dagger doesn’t need to be too sharp. Just a little cut, and toxicity will spread across the strata. If you are not able to figure out why your weight has plateaued, don’t go too far. The answer is right in your hand, just 2 clicks away!

On the personal front, I felt the need for detox during the end of last year for the first time when I wanted more focus. Even if you think you are neither beneath nor above anyone, not everyone thinks like that about you. People out there can bring you down in amazing ways even if you are a charged person. Not everyone is a ‘friend’ there even if you think they are and I learnt the hard way. I thought I am very hard-wired, but it can happen to anyone. Don’t mind, learn and move on. Actually that happens because  we loose the power with unwanted thoughts.Here is what I did, and you can do to re-surge energies.

Day 1 for Purpose: Decide a purpose larger than you and log out of fb. Purpose will keep you motivated. Your well-being is a purpose. Goal is to become focused. Symptoms: Restlessness.

Day 2 for Activity: Learn to be busy with purposeful things without your phone. Get out of your room and engage in your day.  Check how much you accomplished at the end of the day. Connect with happy things you enjoy. Cook a healthy unique meal. Do not expect joy because your family will be happy. Do it for yourself.

Day 3 for Withdrawal : Do not succumb and gently remind your mind of the tasks you have in your hand. If you have nothing to do, engage in a hobby you like or go meet your friend. Eat out but far from your home. Buy some plants and plant them in your kitchen garden or pots.

Day 4 for Restfulness: The need for browsing will decrease because you are thinking about other things. You will feel at ease with decreased thoughts. Eat lots of vegetables, less salt , new spices, water. Do a thing of goodness for others.

Day 5 for Determination: You will feel the freedom! Freedom is the chance to make yourself better. Always plan but don’t expect to things go your way always. Adjust and still be determined to do what you want. Share the joy with your friends!

We become what we consume. Carefully choose what to put in your mouth, and what thoughts to put in your mind. Do not take anything personally. Enjoy connections, love life, be happy,be free!






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