Don’t fight negativity

Positiveness is the key to living well but don’t try to fight negativity.  Positive thinking is a much overrated word. Be aware that negative thoughts like blame, finding faults, negative self talk or having a need to know answers for every issue will not lead you any where. At least I never found any answers with awful thoughts. Feel the pain when you are not feeling good, cry, and let it go. If you have a good friend, share and talk through the things and release your hurt. Do not linger on those thoughts for too long. It will drain your energy and your next moves will be bad. Know that some things are not in our control. If you think that there can be any alternatives to better the situation, try to execute them all. Take the mind out of the past and make plans for things that you can do, rather than what could have been done. The faster you move forward with next plans, your creativity will suppress negativity. Challenge is to keep yourself creative and not dwell on past negative thoughts.

Empower yourself by saying I am here to be happy. I can take this challenge. I am strong and powerful ! This always work for me because taking on the challenge is more interesting than dwelling on victim mode. Feeling bad is anyway given. Choose the better option!










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  1. You are such a positive person! At times, when I’m low, I try to imagine how you would think in my situation! 🙂

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    1. Makes me smile…:) Thanks Shruti!


      1. Shruti you are strong and very positive!!


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